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Update as of 11 -8-2020:

Now more than ever before, parents desire reassurance that the safety of their child is of utmost importance to those entrusted with their care. At Montessori Life, we value opportunities to reassure families because we are all on this journey together. Some of the ways that we have been proactive in preparing for our opening amidst Covid-19 are: 

  • Providing high quality masks for our team.

  • requiring our teachers to wear mask at all times during instruction. Our students are not required to wear masks because of their age group and inability to independently maintain their masks. Virtual Students are required to wear masks.

  • Incorporated facts about the nature and transmission of Covid-19 into our training so that our staff is knowledgeable and prepared to support families in any way they can.

  • Parents are encouraged to avoid entering the school unless there are special circumstances ( such as an emergency, urgent questions or late arrival) and masks are required by any visitor entering the preschool area during school hours. 

  • Teachers meet students at their car during drop off. Temperatures are taken in the car. As long as there are no signs of fever or illness, the student is assisted out of the car and walked inside to begin their day.

  • School class sizes are small and will remain at a ratio of 9:1 even though mandates have approved original ratios to return. 

  • The same students are with the same teacher throughout the day, every day (the classes do not mix at any time not even for lunch). 

  • We have staggered start times to assist with maintaining social distancing. 

  • Common areas are disinfected before school, during transition times, when visibly soiled and at the end of each day.

  • Hand sanitizer is available in each classroom and frequent hand-washing has been incorporated into the daily schedule.

  • Staff are assessed daily for signs of illness including temperature checks and are encouraged to stay home if feeling ill. 

  • Students are screened for elevated temperatures and symptoms of illness prior to drop off each day.

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