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8 weeks of fun!


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What great imaginations children have! The first 3 weeks of our summer program will take us on a deep dive in to storytelling, fables and the parts of a story. Student groups will write their own story as a group by the end of this summer series. This theme is in addition to our regularly scheduled work periods where students have the opportunity to work with Montessori Materials that inspire their curiosity. 

Once we finish telling stories, we're going for a swim! The second summer session includes a weekly exploration of water through themed shelf works and daily outdoor water play. Water is one of the 3 main components of our beautiful earth! We look forward to exploring it, montessori style!

Our last 3 week session of camp is heavily focused on those practical life skills. What do we need to go camping? How do we use the items we have? What does nature have that can help us to survive? We will finish this session with a pitched tent, popcorn and a great movie. This will be our final So Long Summer event and we look forward to spending quality time with our greater community!

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