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Things You May Be Wondering

Is this program affiliated with any Montessori organizations such as AMI or AMS?

No. Montessori Life deeply values the Montessori philosophy and believes that it lends itself to the way that God intended for children to learn. Maria Montessori laid the foundation, but our program includes elements specific to both the Christian faith and today's society. Our intention is to introduce the spirit of Montessori to families who may have never had the opportunity to experience this approach otherwise.

Is this a Christian-based program?

At Montessori Life, we do not force or encourage students to adopt the Christian faith. Valuing the importance of cultural differences and learning to appreciate them is a core part of our mission. We do celebrate Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter and students of different faith backgrounds are not required to participate.

Is My Child Ready For Preschool?

Do I need to schedule a visit before enrolling?

Scheduling a visit is not required but it can be very helpful. We do our best to paint a vivid picture of our program but the best way to get know us is to visit with us! Also, it is important for future students to engage with the environment that they will be learning in prior to their first day of attendance. While we understand the benefits of a drop-in visit, dropping in during a school day can be very disruptive to current students. Calling ahead is best.

It's difficult to know if the amazing growth that you see at home translates to preschool readiness. Children develop at different rates and thus their preschool readiness is solely dependent on the individual child.  You know that your child is ready for preschool if the following are true:

  • Age 2.5 years - 5 years

  • Fully toilet-trained

  • Ability to separate from caregiver with minimal distress or quickly recovers from distress 

  • age-appropriate independence

Is Preschool Similar To Daycare? 

What are your policies and procedures for Covid-19?

We are committed to providing a safe environment for our families and our staff. Our updated plan for Covid-19 is on our home page. If there are aspects of the plan that you would like to discuss, please contact us. 

You will find some similarities between preschool and daycare. Both settings focus on the needs of the child. In general, daycares focus on meeting all of the physical needs of a child during a set time period. Daycares also use researched standards to lead children in their learning. A Montessori Preschool focuses on guiding children to understand and  meet their own needs.  The learning that goes on in a Montessori Preschool is also research-based but it is child-led. In a Primary Montessori classroom (Ages 3-6), children are independent in their quest for knowledge and understanding of the world around them. Click Here to see if your child may be ready for a primary classroom setting.

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