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The toddler classroom is a child's first impression of learning outside the home. In a Montessori toddler classroom, you will find that the shelves, tables and chairs are all proportioned to the height of the toddler child. The materials are neatly arranged, and the room is absent of clutter. The walls are simplistic and primarily bare. This is where Young Learners will begin to develop a since of focus, confidence and intrinsic motivation.

Click here to learn more about the Montessori Toddler classroom from the American Montessori Society.

"The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school but for life" - Maria Montessori

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We know that parenting is a journey. We partner with our families because they know their little learner best! We use Brightwheel, a communication App, to ensure that our families stay connected to their child's learning community. 

Montessori is a wonderful approach to learning in the classroom.  But, what about home? Students spend more time at home than school which is why we are intentional abput equipping our families with the tools they will need to continue Montessori at home. Families that choose Montessori Life are choosing to become lifelong learners and are committed to partnership with our Montessori Life team and the families that make us so unique.



Montessori Life is a participant in Ohio's tiered quality improvement program. We are committed to growing with our families and believe in the lifelong benefits of quality early childhood education! Learn more about how we excel by clicking here!

"We must help the child to

act for himself

will for himself

think for himself

this is the art of those who aspire to serve the spirit"  

- Maria Montessori

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   Welcome to Montessori Life's Preschool Discovery Program! This program is uniquely designed to meet the needs of learners ages 2 - 3. The preschool discovery class serves as a soft entry for young learners who are not quite ready for preschool but are eager to begin their learning journey. The program offers flexible schedule options, including Half-Day and Three-Day schedules, with a maximum class size of 9 students and 2 guides. Our young learners receive the guidance and support they need to develop their independence and a foundation is laid for their continued journey to our Primary preschool program. During their class period, students enjoy exploring the work shelves and practicing the skills that support their independent care of self, their environment and respect for their peers. Join us and watch your child thrive!

      As more families developed an interest in the Montessori approach and our program, we felt the need to make room for those students who are not quite ready to join the preschool classroom but are absolutely ready to begin their learning journey!

Wondering about tuition and schedule options? Click Here

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toilet training

We know that this stage of the growing journey can be challenging. In the Young Learners Classroom, we accept students that have begun their toilet training journey but are not quite independent with it yet. Please note that families must have introduced toilet training before the student can enroll in the Young Learners Program. If you are concerned about your child's toileting journey thus far or their readiness for our Young Learners program, please give us a call. We would be happy to help! 

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