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Montessori Myth Week 2:

❌ Myth: Montessori schools are too structured or not structured enough.


✅Montessori Fact:The Montessori environment is carefully prepared.

The key phrase here is "within limits". Most new jobs will begin by giving you the limits and how to's for the environment in which you will work. Montessori is not much different. Children are gradually introduced to their environment and as the trust between guide and student grows, so do the boundaries.

A child that may begin to throw things (as my own toddlers almost immediately did upon entering one of our classrooms) is gradually redirected to another activity or the lesson is re-presented to the child so they can see how to use the material they're interested in. Children are encouraged to explore and create new ways to use materials as long as it is safe and respectful of the environment.

In the article listed below, Myth 5 best addresses the structure of a Montessori classroom.

by Kinglsey Montessori Insights

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