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Montessori Myth (week 4):❌ Montessori is the best method for all children.


✅ Montessori Fact: Montessori is a beautiful method for learning. It is not the only method.

When choosing an early childhood education program, It is important to know your child and what their needs are. And, it is equally important to have an idea of what you believe when it comes to the education of children. While Montessori covers a broad spectrum of learning styles, it is not perfect. The article below gives a general sense of the pros and cons associated with the Montessori Method, which families tend to fare well in the Montessori environment, and the contrast in educational belief systems for families who don't choose Montessori. Supporting children in their work of learning is the ultimate goal for the adults that love them. How they do that depends on the needs of the child.


Check it this great article! 👇🏾

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